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My Weekend Getaway To Pushkar – Travel Guide

Pushkar is one that has been on my wish list since forever now! Majorly because of the hype that has been created around Pushkar Mela. ‘What is Pushkar Mela?’ has always left me intrigued, and this year I was hell bent on planning a weekend trip  to experience the same! We booked this fairly new property (suggested by a colleague) by Zostel, called ZostelX. Super affordable and quaint! Nothing could have been better than this for a last minute booking.

To our surprise they had a room availability, and we didn’t waste a minute to block the same for a night!

Tariff – INR 1,999  per night (excl taxes)

We started our journey from Delhi at 4:00 am and stopped at Ajmer Sharif Dargah by 11:30 am. Realised it was the Ayodhya Verdict at the same time and faced several roadblocks because of it and was apprehensive if we’ll be able to have our journey as planned in the first place. However, everything turned out to be extremely smooth and there was no disharmony, as anticipated!

The shrine was as serene as it could be with and the weather helped in enriching the whole travel experience. Luckily it wasn’t crowded at that time of the day! Post a delicious lunch at a nearby restaurant, we proceeded with our journey towards Pushkar!

Using the Google Maps, we reached Zostel by 3:00 pm only to be told that we have reached the Zostel dormitory and not the luxury home. *bummer* Which meant we had few more kms to cover. Struggled, and finally managed to check into our rooms.

Since the property is new, and we were the second guests to be there everything was as clean as a whistle! Spacious, private tents by the pool, with a magnificent view of Aravalli Hills! What else do you even need?!

Freshened up and decided to explore the well lit Pushkar Mela during the night. The whole vibe was pretty exciting and I had the time of my life riding all the crazy swings at the fair. To an extent that I went overboard with the rides and fell sick! *sobs*

Decided to call it a night and drove back to the property for a scrumptious dinner and dozed off! 

Woke up to the chirping birds, shot a fun look (that I’ll share soon) before getting ready to check out. But not without breakfast!! Not exaggerating when I say this, but their food was indeed worth the penny spent.

And now, it was the time to experience the Pushkar Mela during the day time, also with an intend to shop. Picked beautiful, decently priced handicraft stuff at the exhibition right next to the fair area. Was dismayed to not see a lot of people there, because I feel we should really promote such talent. But anyhow, I got what I wanted and loved it to bits.

We headed towards the Brahma temple and chose to just see it from the outside due to time constraint. And also because we had no internet connection (the Ayodhya verdict repercussion) !! 

Also, we really wanted to scout the local markets and oh boy.. so glad that we took this decision! I ended up spending too much on footwear, jewellery, bags, home decor stuff and what not. 

The boys wanted to try the “special” Lassi and hence, we decided to have our last meal at Pushkar at Nirvana Cafe and Pizzeria. Would definitely recommend this place as the food was good too. 😛

Finally, it was time to bid goodbye to this warm place – Pushkar, which definitely melted my heart! With a promise to be back soon!

Few things to keep in mind when you’re planning a trip to Pushkar

  • Please carry enough cash! ATMs are a big problem here. We had to walk a lot to find an ATM, and hence we ended up wasting our precious time here!
  • The best time to travel to Pushkar is during the Mela However, be prepared to be stuck in jams and amidst huge crowd. Trust me, you won’t mind it!
  • Do not hesitate from bargaining when shopping at the local market. They quote fairly high prices! 
  • Dress street smart. Comfort over style is key for this place!