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Back again with a new box of surprises! Unlike last time this box not only contained skincare products but also had a beauty product, which quite obviously upped my excitement to receive it. My Envy Box unveiled this edition with the tagline #CelebratingBeauty, so lets check out how well do they succeed i doing that. 

Pricing: 850 INR for 1-month subscription

Packaging: My Envy Box August edition came in an ethereal Lavender box with floral pattern. Surprisingly, the products perfectly complimented with the delicateness & beauty of the pattern! Though despite being safely packed, one of the products that I received was damaged, but somehow I fixed it.

Products: The August edition has 5 products (both trial & full-size)

Soultree – Lipstick (Coral Pink)
Full size: 4.5gm | 550 INR

Sadly, the product for which I was really excited about was the one that came damaged despite of amazingly sturdy packaging. But the shade was too pretty to not be used, so I utilised my DIY skills & fixed it. The product claims to be enriched with organic almond oil, ghee & wild honey, which left my lips extremely moisturised & soft throughout the day. The shade is apt for daily use & it definitely goes into my bag for the same.

Seer Secrets – Tranquility Facial Mist 
Full Size: 100ml | 297 INR

Have been wanting to try facial mists since quite sometime now, but with so many brands in the market, it was difficult for me to choose one. So when I received Seer Secrets’ Silverated Lavender & Geranium Tranquility F acial Mist, it was an ideal add on to my daily skin care regimen! Made of 100% natural ingredients it refreshes my skin instantly. 

Iraa – Eye Serum
Full Size: 20gm | 490 INR

Call it a coincidence that I recently got over with my under-eye serum & I received this product in the box just around the same time! This cream comes with a fragrance-free formula & gets easily absorbed leaving the under eye area less puffy & in the long run claims to reduce wrinkles, fine lines & dark circles.

Elixir Shop – Zaria Skin Brightening Serum
In the box: 5ml | 550 INR 

Not a supporter of the terms ‘brightening’, ‘lightening’ & ‘whitening’, so the only reason to try out this product would be to naturally bring a glow on my face & even out my skin tone. Though the fragrance is too strong for me but I still have high hopes from this product.

Nyasa – Divine Lotus Body Lotion
In the box: 35ml | 105 INR 

This body lotion contains Lotus Extracts and Wheatgerm Oil which leaves the skin soft & mourished,  and with my being a combination skin this travel sized product is absolutely easy to carry. It has mild fragrance & is light & non-greasy. 

I would highly recommend you to pick this month’s My Envy Box & I guess my review would really pursue you to go ahead with it. 

Until next time!
Much love :*