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My wardrobe has always been a mix of outfits purchased from streets & stores! From being someone who never owned a Zara piece till the second year of college to someone who now ends up impulse shopping, this journey as a fashion enthusiast has taught me a lot. Often people think that it is only branded clothes that can make them look good but in my case, there have been instances when I invested in a particular piece & it wore out too early to be expected. At times I feel a customised product would do more justice to the silhouette than the one available in the stores, be it due to the quality offered or the rate at which it is priced at.

And now with numerous visits to the mall or flea markets today I have reached to a saturation point where I don’t feel like shopping as much as I used to do six months back, when I started with this blog. There have been times when I have gone to shop but only to return empty handed because everything looked so similar to what I already have in my closet. 
Now I intend to add those pieces to my wardrobe which are not just value for money but are unique & not seen on every second person I meet or see! 

So while planning this post I decided to create a look bringing together all my thrifted picks. 
Everything from the silhouette to the print & hues, in this dress gave a distinct appeal, something that my wardrobe lacked. These details complimented it with an innate bohemian Indian vibe! Amalgamating the modern silhouette with Indian details, I added an oxidised silver choker & embroidered kolhapuri flats (here: DIY embellished with dainty silver anklets) to the outfit.    

Dress, Anklet worn as Choker, Footwear – Thrifted 

Pictures by Gitanshu Jetly

Much love :*