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Alot of you must be aware about my trip to Tosh a couple of months back. I have been eager to talk about my stay experience since the time I came back but I chose to delay because the freeze-to-death negative temperature would definitely not have been ideal for you to visit this place! And now when the sun is shining bright, after reading this post I am sure you’d know where to stay when you visit Tosh next.

Travelling to hills and staying in a regular hotel mostly kills the vibe of the journey. People who love adventure, either end up camping or choose a homestay. While I am not very comfortable with camps & since, we were three females (best friend & her mom), homestay didn’t seem to be an ideal option, atleast for the first visit to the hills. So, after a good one week research we zero-ed in on StonedAge Cafe & Inn

[Our Cottage]

For someone like me who has been a die-hard fan of ‘Flintstones’, this place actually took me back to that phase while bringing that sitcom into reality. As the name suggest, the infrastructure is inspired from the stone age setting amidst the beauty & tranquility of Tosh.

[The Dorm]
Situated at a 2km distance from the Tosh Village, to reach StonedAge Inn we had to trek for about 45mins. The place offers a dorm or an individual cottage as stay options, while we chose the latter citing privacy & comfort, I feel dorms would be really fun to stay incase you are travelling in a group of 4-5 people.

Our cottage was quite humongous in terms of space, we were provided with enough blankets to stay warm during the night, and the solar panel system ensured hot water during the day!   
Waking up to the view of snow-capped mountains, with no connection with the city life & sipping a cup of tea was one of the best part of my stay.  

Coming to the food, I wasn’t expecting anything whimsy since the place was situated at a lot a distance from the market, but I was left in awe when our lunch was served. Not just it was extremely delicious but was also beautifully plated! Every corner of this cafe was worth clicking pictures. We tried everything from pancakes to maggi, dal-rice to spaghetti arrabbiata, and there was not one meal that disappointed me in terms of taste. Each dish was worth the price quoted! 

If I have to summarise my experience in one word, I would say it was SPLENDID, and StonedAge Inn made sure that I visit the hills again. The staff was quite supportive and was available for help at any hour of the day.
Would highly recommend you all to visit this place whenever you’re travelling to Tosh next time!


Top – Bhane | Jeans – Glamorous via KOOVS | Earrings – Thrifted

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Can’t wait to share more Tosh related stories with you all.
Much love :*