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It’s been a while since I have been trying different international websites to shop, not just for an experience but also the price at which they offer the products which are otherwise available at a huge margin here! 
Would you be surprised if I tell you that I manage to pick nine ubercool products for less than $20 (almost INR 1300)! Yes that’s hardly any amount with the kind of products you’ll see me talking about in this post today. Since, I was pretty much satisfied with the overall experience with ToSave, I decided to do this haul post for you all to decide. 

Antique Gold Earrings – $1.53 (INR 99)

Most of you about my fetish for earrings, so these ought to be the first thing that caught my eyes. And the good part was that these were available at half the price of what they are being sold in renowned flea markets in Delhi. 

Vintage Watch – $2.06 (INR 133)

This one being an impulsive pick turned out to be one of my favourites from the haul. Black dial with brown faux leather strap has always been a very vintage combination! Ideal for daily wear.   

Nail Art Glitter – $0.66 (INR 43)

Being someone who loves to experiment different nail art designs, I found this product to be a mere steal. Perfect for the New Year’s parties et al.

Lapel Pin – $0.87 (INR 56)

When it comes to accessories for men we are left with few options to choose from! Though I picked it for my boy but me, being me, will use it to amp up my outfits. 

Makeup Brush Holder – $1.82 (INR 117)

This multi-purpose organiser can be used as both a flower vase as well as a brush holder. I plan to use it as the latter by adding pebbles in it for a stable base.

Phone Covers
3D Cat – $3.73 (INR 240)
Quote – $3.10 (INR 200)

How can one miss adding these cutesy covers in their cart!

Selfie Stick – $2.69 (INR 173)

I have used this selfie stick on my trips & trust me the quality is too good for the price it has been offered at. Compact & sturdy

Anti Social Social Club Cap – $3.99 (INR 193)

Who doesn’t know about ‘Anti Social Social Club‘! And getting its amazing quality dupe it at 1/10th price is something I couldn’t avoid picking!

So these were things that I picked, do let me know your favourite in the comments below. 

ToSave also has a website for hair extensions, BeautyInHair  which offers extensions made of 
100% real human hair!

Until next time
Much love :*