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Who doesn’t love to travel!
Be it as a much needed break from the monotonous daily routine or to experience new challenges or even to find your inner self, you are never short of reasons to travel.
The different cultures that we get see and the interesting people that we get to meet during every travel experience, knowingly or unknowingly, leaves a huge impact on us & teaches us a whole new way to look at the world. If you ask me that one travel related wish, it would be to make a journey to any one place around the world all alone! 

Coming to the outfit which gives a perfect traveller vibe, this playsuit was rented from I paired it along with these high top sneakers & a hat. Absolutely zilch make-up and a messy braid to finish off the look. All I needed was a backpack and approved leaves from work to fulfil my crave to travel! Sadly got none. -_-


A little about the brand || Talking about “style on rent”, renting clothes is a thing now a days and for someone who doesn’t really like to repeat clothes or would want to save spending on exorbitantly priced outfits, it’s a boon in disguise! Flyrobe offers a variety of outfits for all occasions be it a date or a wedding. With an amazing service of delivering your order within 3 hours, Flyrobe is your go to website to solve your wardrobe dilemma. 

Playsuit – Mango via Flyrobe | Shoes – Forever 21 | Hat – Thrifted 

Pictures by Gitanshu Jetly

Hope you liked this post. Do share your travel related stories.
Have a great week ahead! 
Much Love :*