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While I should be busy planning my wedding and stressing out about bridal outfits, I am here telling you all about my crazy a*s bridesmaid shoot that I did last week, all thanks to my BFF Charuta and our little one Sutaa. As Charuta mentioned in her post, she has been planning this bridesmaid shoot since quite some time now and I am glad that we could finally pull this off. 
One thing that I was sure about, was that I will not go ahead with a mainstream ‘hotel room’ bridesmaid shoot because that has never been our style and I cannot do something just because it has been trending on Instagram. After a lot of brainstorming, Charuta suggested to me to relive my childhood memories one last time (before I get married) with this shoot. And that’s when we decided it to be a 90s inspired bridesmaid shoot, where we’ll be dressed in our extraaa blingy best, on the dingy roofs of Old Delhi with elements that clearly takes us back to those good ‘ol childhood days!
If you’re a 90s kid, then it won’t take much for you to connect with these pictures, where for the first time we ditched posing and instead chose to be our real selves – full of fun and insane laughter moments! From eating colorful cotton candy (budhiya ke baal) to fighting for that last cookie in the packet, WE DID IT ALL!! And with too many monkeys of the roof, we also ended up sharing our food (or rather got robbed off) with them. 
I had a helluva fun, to say the least, and honestly, it was a much-needed break from my wedding preps. Which has already made me go bonkers, BTW!! I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures, and I’ll let you know the story behind ‘who did this shoot and why’ towards the end. Trust me, you didn’t see that coming!

| Chapter 1: having budhiya ke baal |
| Chapter 2: Rose petal shower |

| Chapter 3: Easy banters whilst snatching snacks |

| Chapter 5: Gitanshu’s special appearance. No fancy outfit for him |  

| Chapter 6: Mehendi Time |  

| Chapter 7: The OTT coronation |  

| Chapter 8: Twirl of Joy |  

| Bride-to-be and her BFFs |  

I love you gaiz :’)
I am so glad that I could make you all a part of it. I hope you loved the pictures as much as we loved shooting these.
Outfits by VAASAS

Coming to the photography bit, well you know Gitanshu (my fiancé) has been doing all my shoots ever since I started this blog but this time I was very stern that we’ll collab with someone else because umm.. why would a groom-to-be do a bridesmaid shoot?! But to our horror, our photographer decided to back out a few hours before the shoot, leaving me in tears and that’s when Gitanshu decided to step in like a knight in shining armor, haha like literally and clicked the pictures! Well, destiny I would say! So yeah, my fiancé did my bridesmaid shoot. 😀
Until next time
Much love xo