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As we hit the one year of being married mark on Feb 23, I thought of sharing some fun, unknown facts about my wedding celebrations! It was a three-day affair and it won’t be much to say that I had the time of my life. From being an anxious, socially awkward person otherwise, I realised I was totally opposite during the revelries. Crazy, enthu cutlet; enjoying every bit of it.
So let me give you some inside scoop about #GitsGoesGaGa. Scroll and give it a read, if it interests you!

  • Our wedding was shortlisted for an episode ‘Yaari Dostii Shaadi’ with Aza Fashions, to be aired on Goodtimes! But that show never made it to air! 😭
  • Since we signed up for this show, I had to wear a Gown from Aza Fashions for my engagement and Gitanshu had to wear a fusion set (part of the association); resulting which both of us had to bid goodbye to our actual outfits. Such a waste! 🤦🏻‍♀

  • Before buying my Mehndi outfit from designer, Yogesh Choudhary, I had already spent 30K on a traditional lehenga, purchased from a store in Dwarka, New Delhi. Oh boy, it was a disaster! I lied to my parents that I got this YC lehenga as a gift from the brand! Sorry mom, if you’re reading this. 🙊
  • While most of the brides are accompanied by BFFs or family members for their makeup! I booked an UBER and went alone. 😏 Fewer people. Less stress!
  • I was so punctual that I was the first one to reach at my wedding venue; to an extent that I got the venue lights turned on for my portraits!
  • We did not hire a wedding planner and a decorator! While I did Haldi decor from scratch within a budget of 5K, I also made over 200 origami birds (on my own) for the Mehendi backdrop. *phew*
  • My baraat was on time, sharp at 9:30 pm because I and Gitanshu made a promise that we will exchange the garlands with the whole venue packed! I never understood the point of guests coming, eating and leaving; while the groom is stuck in the baraat and the bride is sitting in her room.
  • I feel this should have been the first point, for its sheer awareness that I wanted to spread. However, we did not allow ANIMAL CRUELTY at our celebrations. That means no horse for the baraat! And I am so happy that Gitanshu put his foot down with me on this and took a stand. 🙂
  • I made matching collars (with my outfits) for Dynah and gave the only responsibility to my brother, to ensure she wears the same while he brings her to the venue. But ALAS, it was an epic fail!
  • Last and the most fun, I danced like crazyyy at my wedding! While generally, I am most stress-ridden human, idk but I was SO SO HAPPY AND CAREFREE. While being hit by cramps at the same time! Haha. 😬

Hope you enjoyed reading this one! Until next time