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Tips To Choose The Perfect Designer Sarees And Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to Indian ethnic wear, sarees are a critical part of the culture and tradition of this country. Each part of India, regardless of its geographic differences has at least one type of saree fabric or style of draping that it is known for. The popularity of Indian sarees is so widespread that they are loved not only within the country but all over the world. Specifically speaking, Indian silk and cotton sarees have gained quite a fan following in western countries and their popularity is ever-expanding.
Why Are Sarees Among The Best Indian Ethnic Wear?
Although Indian ethnic wear comprise of several varieties to choose from, such as lehengas, designer wedding outfits and traditional attires, there is no match for a perfectly draped saree. There is something quintessentially Indian about sarees, which make them the preferred choice of traditional clothing for women and young girls alike.
The way that a saree drapes around a woman’s body makes it one of the most sensual attires, which will suit every woman on the face of this earth. Sarees are little difficult to drape without experience, but if you get it right sarees are extremely comfortable and can be worn in all seasons. All you need is to pair it with a beautiful blouse, put on a pair of traditional dangler earrings and you are good to go!
How To Pick The Best Designer Saree
There are so many brilliant options and choices available that one must choose carefully to make sure that it is the right one for your body types and the occasion it is to be worn to. Given below are some things that must be kept in mind when choosing the right designer sarees online:
Consider The Material
The most important thing to look for when picking a saree is the type of fabric that it uses. There are several different types of materials which makers of designer sarees online use and it is important to pick the most suitable one for you. It is the material which will have a critical effect on how it looks on draping. For example, avoid fabrics like stiff cotton if looking slim is a priority for you. This is preferable for women who are slender. To enhance and accentuate your curves, pick a designer saree with a delicate material like crepe or chiffon.
Pick The Right Print And Embellishment
The prints and designs of the saree are almost as important as the material itself. While some prints like intricate floral designs and embellishments are suitable for everyone, certain prints are best suited to some body types. For example, women who have a heavier body and want to look slimmed down can choose sarees that have small prints and designs. Larger prints must be avoided by them as this might make them look larger. Also, choose a saree whose embellishments go well with the tone of the event.
Select The Blouse Carefully
The blouse of saree plays a very important role in determining how the final look turns out. No saree is complete till you have the right blouse to wear with it. Make sure that the type, colour, and design of the blouse go with the look of the saree and both complement each other. A perfectly chosen blouse can elevate the entire look of a saree while the opposite can happen if a mismatched and ill fitted blouse is worn. It is also important to drape the saree properly so that the design is clearly visible and it drapes around your form perfectly.
Some Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing Designer Sarees
Although sarees have been worn in India since ancient times, there are still some who make common mistakes while draping the six yards that ruins the entire look. In order to make sure that your designer sarees online look doesn’t fall flat and you look as good as you anticipated, here are some mistakes that you must take care to avoid.
Firstly, make sure that you have the right pair of shoes to go with the designer sarees. There are some women who wear wedges even with sarees but this is a strict no-no. Secondly, sarees and jewellery are a good combination but make sure that you don’t go overboard. While some carefully chosen pieces of jewellery will elevate your overall look, too many elements of accessories will only end up taking away the effect. Lastly, choose the style of draping carefully as it is this that determines how the final look will appear.

New saree designing techniques and ideas have facilitated the fashion designers to introduce never before seen patterns and designs which have taken the ethnic fashion world by storm. Designer sarees online are available in several types, fabrics and price ranges which make them suitable for all occasions only if you know how to style them well.